Grong Grong Information

Grong Grong is a small farming village in the southern region 
of New South Wales and is typical of most Australian towns
with  friendly townsfolk and a vibrant busy community.
Grong Grong is located on the Newell Highway, between Narrandera and West Wyalong and is midway between 
the major cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
The small community spirit and proximity to major centres makes Grong Grong a perfect place 
to raise a family or to enjoy retirement at a place that suits.
You can visit the Berembed Weir on the Murrumbidgee River for a picnic, swimming or even go fishing.
This website is designed to give information about our small caring community and it's people.

Grong Grong Progress Association: The Grong Grong Progress Association is merged with the Grong Grong Hall Committee. The organisation is committed to promote Grong Grong, ensuring its advancement and acts as a voice for the community. The Progress Association helps the community with the running and assisting of events. For further information contact: Bob Manning , President (02) 6959 2555, e-mail: